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Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg and Steve Benjamin, the mayor of Columbia, South Carolina, attended service at The Church Without Walls in Houston on December 29, 2019.

The 2020 Presidential election is fast approaching, and the Democratic pool is now down to 9 candidates. One of those candidates is Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg. Today, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner officially endorsed him as the National Co-Chair for the Bloomberg 2020 Infrastructure Council:

Bloomberg is known for being fit! He regularly plays golf and runs nearly an hour every day on a treadmill. He also limits unhealthy takeout lunches, eats a lot of salads and snacks on low-calorie popcorn. He previously made our 2014 list of the fittest Mayors in America.

As a Mayor, Mike Bloomberg (also on our Top 15 Fittest Billionaires 2017 list) encouraged citizens of New York City to get healthy and fit with a “Make NYC Your Gym” movement. He said at the time “New York City is a great place to get healthy and keep fit — anyone can make the parks, streets and sidewalks into their own personal gym.” was known for taking extreme stances when it came to making New York City residents healthier and fitter. Bloomberg —a bit of a health and fitness nut himself— targeted unhealthy lifestyles during his 12 year run unlike any other administration before him.

He left behind a legacy of aggressive measures designed to improve the health of the city’s residents: his administration built bike lanes, plastered anti-soda ads on subways, funded produce sellers, banned cigarette smoking in the workplace and made them more expensive, he reformed school meals after being horrified by what children were being fed at school, and he required restaurants to list calorie counts. From 2002 to 2009 adult smoking decreased by 27% in the city, and the life span of the average New Yorker rose by 3 years (higher than the 1.7-year national average).  

His most recent fitness plan was to make elevators slower in order to encourage people to take the stairs- to well maintained rooftop urban gardens that can be used to grow “healthy foods”.

It is no surprise that the current Top 10 Fittest Mayor in America Sylvester Turner has officially endorsed Mike Bloomberg for President!

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